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Crisis Intervention Investigations

Houston Livingston Private Investigation Service

Houston Livingston area Crisis Intervention Investigation, by a licensed private investigator, is for:

  • Severe Drug addictions endangering life
  • Mental Illness and Dementia related
  • Taking advantage of the elderly
  • Elderly and Child abuse and neglect


Crisis Intervention Investigations are conducted for many reasons and can have several different outcomes. Some reasons are;

Kids experimenting with drugs.

Severe drug addiction/drug abuse by a family member or friend. 

Mental Health consumers that pose a danger to themselves and others.

Persons living in a dangerous situation.

Mistreatment and neglect of the Elderly or Children.

We gather the evidence and document it for use in a Criminal or Civil trial or process. All evidence gathered belongs to the Client, and is kept confidential. Investigators due comply with reporting of certain information as it relates to state law.


Investigators are available for Crisis Intervention Investigations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. New jobs are normally started within 48 hours of receipt of the work order.


Investigator has 30 years combined Military and Civilian Law Enforcement experience and 4.5 years experience as a Private Investigator.  Investigator spent over 8 years of his time with the Houston Police Department on the Crisis Intervention team dealing with individuals in some type of crisis everyday. 


These type of investigations are available but are very dangerous. Each situation is different so please call. 

  • Call for prices.

Additional packages are available to help meet your needs. See Prices


To get started with a Crisis Intervention plan, call 832-878-2630, or fill out the Contact form on our Contact page.



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